Part of the Discover Austin series, the Discover Austin Eats episodes feature local food blogger Michael Zook as we check out some great places to eat in the Austin area.

Discover Austin Eats

Discover Austin: Chi'Lantro (Episode 95)
Chi'Lantro's Korean BBQ inspired menu is delicious and I can't recommend the Kimchi Fries enough! They have several locations across Austin and more on the way. Head to the nearest Chi'Lantro today, you won't be sorry!
Discover Austin: Banger's (Episode 91)
Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden offers a great patio atmosphere with live music and a delicious menu. Michael Zook and I visited to try it all!
Discover Austin: Massive Portions (Episode 88)
Everything's bigger in Texas, right? That certainly rings true for this Eats episode of Discover Austin as Michael and I set out to devour massive portions at Juan in a Million, Banger's, and Casino El Camino.
Discover Austin: Food Trucks 4 (Episode 87)
Michael Zook and I stopped by LeRoy Lewis Barbecue and Pueblo Viejo, located at Cosmic Coffee & Beer, for this Eats episode of Discover Austin.
Discover Austin: Food Trucks 3 (Episode 83)
Radio Coffee & Beer is the latest stop for Discover Austin Eats. It's home to Veracruz All Natural and Dee Dee, both great options for food to have alongside your coffee or beer.
Discover Austin: ATX Quick Burgers (Episode 81)
It's burger taste test time! Michael Zook and I have gathered five, locally owned, quick burgers for a taste comparison. In the line-up is P. Terry's, Top Notch Hamburgers, Dan's Hamburgers, Might Fine Burgers, and Hat Creek Burger Company.
Discover Austin: Food Trucks, Part 2 (Episode 78)
Michael and I enjoyed visiting food trucks for the last Eats episode of Discover Austin so much that we decided to do it again! This time, we're stopping in at Bombay Dhaba, Austin Dosa, and Churro Co.
Discover Austin: Food Trucks (Episode 76)
Food trucks are abundant throughout Austin so Michael Zook and I thought we'd create a three course meal by visiting multiple food trucks for this Eats episode of Discover Austin. Mighty Cone, Luke's Inside Out, and Manolis are all worth a visit!
Discover Austin: JewBoy Burger Update (Episode 74)
Back in episode 30, Michael Zook and I visited JewBoy Burgers at their food truck. They're now in a permanent location at 5111 Airport Boulevard which allowed them to expand their menu and it gave us an excuse to go eat burgers again!
Discover Austin: Asia Market Eatery (Episode 73)
Michael Zook took me to Asia Market, where I thought we were visiting the supermarket, but in fact they've got a wonderful restaurant tucked in the back.
Discover Austin: Home Slice Pizza (Episode 67)
Home Slice Pizza’s north location doesn’t just have great pizza. Michael Zook wanted me to try their wings and their Italian sub too. Don’t worry, we also had pizza for this Eats episode of Discover Austin.
Discover Austin: Gristmill River Restaurant (Episode 62)
For this Eats episode of Discover Austin, I had food blogger, Michael Zook, take a road trip to the historic district of Gruene, Texas to have lunch at the Gristmill River Restaurant.
Discover Austin: Odd Duck (Episode 58)
This week, we welcome back Michael Zook to have one of his favorite burgers in Austin.  We're headed to Odd Duck for this episode of Discover Austin.
Discover Austin: Snow's BBQ (Episode 54)
Michael Zook returns to enjoy Snow's BBQ for this episode of Discover Austin. Traveling just an hour east of Austin gets you the 2017 winner of the Best BBQ in Texas according to the Texas Monthly.
Discover Austin: Quality Seafood (Episode 49)
Quality Seafood has been an Austin staple since 1938. Their goal has always been to supply Central Texans with the freshest seafood possible and, still today, they're doing exactly that.
Discover Austin: Din Ho Chinese BBQ (Episode 45)
While Chinese food and barbecue don't seem like they should be paired together, Din Ho Chinese BBQ is here to prove that they should! Local food blogger, Michael Zook and I went to enjoy their specialty dishes for this episode of Discover Austin Eats.
Discover Austin: Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Episode 39)
Austin food blogger, Michael Zook knows the best spots to eat even when we're 700 miles from Austin! When we found ourselves in Kansas City a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to get barbecue at Joe's Kansas City and film a special road trip edition of Discover Austin Eats.
Discover Austin: Holy Roller (Episode 35)
*Unfortunately, the Holy Roller is now closed.* When I asked local food blogger, Michael Zook, where we should go to brunch, without hesitation he suggested Holy Roller in downtown Austin. And now, I will recommend you visit because it was spectacular!
Discover Austin: JewBoy Burgers (Episode 30)
On this episode of Discover Austin, Michael Zook and I head over to JewBoy Burgers at the food truck park at 5000 Burnet Road in Austin.  Mo makes up some wonderful burgers and provides a great experience.  So cancel those plans with your vegan friend and head over to JewBoy Burgers instead!
Discover Austin: Via 313 (Episode 26)
This episode of Discover Austin features Michael Zook, local food blogger, as we visit Via 313 for Detroit-style pizza. If you haven't tried it, you will not be disappointed!
Discover Austin: Chicken Fried Steak (Episode 22)
This Discover Austin episode, once again, includes local food blogger, Michael Zook. We are headed to Mouton's Bistro for Chicken Fried Steak, a typical Texas dish. I mentioned it in episode 17 when we went to the Broken Spoke and I promised to feature the dish in future episode.
Discover Austin: Breakfast Tacos (Episode 18)
In this episode of Discover Austin, we debut the Discover Austin Eats edition and meet up with local food blogger, Michael Zook, to enjoy and discuss breakfast tacos.