Welcome to the 2021 BURGER SEASON!!!

When filming Eats episodes of Discover Austin, I pair up with food blogger Michael Zook of @ZookEatsAustin (Instagram).  For a number of years, he has compiled a Best Burgers in Austin list each summer.  This year, he has set up a bracket competition so everyone can participate.  Below is all the information which I simply copied from his Instagram account (@ZookEatsAustin). 

Burger Season, as we all know, is between Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. This is the prime time of year for grilling, eating, and getting down and dirty with America’s favorite food…THE BURGER!!!

Almost every restaurant in Austin has their own burger, and whether a burger joint, pub, bar, fancy pants, or fast food they are ALL good!! What a great time to love burgers!!

The idea of the Burger Bracket is not necessarily to find the best burger in Austin, although essentially that IS what we are doing, but rather to get out and try burgers around this city that you haven’t tried before. We are in the business of building up and promoting our local restauranters, cooks, and chefs, and highlighted the great work they are doing, specifically with their meat, buns, and cheese ☺

The Rules of the Game

First and MOST IMPORTANT…All comments should be positive, even if you have a negative experience!! We want to promote, and love on our local restauranters so let’s keep all criticism out. Post about both places if you liked your burger, but no negative vibes here ☺

  • There will be four rounds and each round will pair two different burgers.  
  • You must try both burgers during the 2021 Burger Season (Memorial Day 2021 – Labor Day 2021) in order to vote. However, once you’ve tried one burger you may use that to help compare in future rounds, with the exception of the Final Four! 
  • To vote in the Final Four you must try all four burgers between July 21st 2021 and Labor Day 2021. 
  • The only factor that matters is the burger! The price, the accessibility, the addition or lack of fries, and the service at the restaurant should NOT be considered in your comparison. The burger stands alone.
  • Most of these places only have one burger, but if a restaurant has multiple burgers then get the one that is named on the bracket. (ie. Jewboy Burgers “The Jewboy Burger”). Feel free to leave off an item if you don’t like it (example: cut the onions if you don’t like onions) but otherwise get the burger the way it comes.
  • Anyone can play!!! In fact, the more the better, so grab as many friends as you can and eat as many burgers as you can. To vote…just hit up @zookeatsaustin and let me know which burgers you are comparing, take pictures, post to your Insta feed and story, and tag me so I can re-post in my story. Don’t forget to tag each place you that you visit, and include the hashtag #AustinBurgerBracket2021
  • Once you have tried both burgers, send your winning burger to @zookeatsaustin but don’t post your choice on social media!! Remember, the entire goal is to promote all these great restaurants….so simply post about how great your experience was at both places, and the bracket will advance the winners.  At the end of each round, the place with the most votes will advance! And guess what?!?!? You get to go try more burgers!!

4 ROUNDS – Memorial Day 2021 through Labor Day 2021

  • Round 1 - We are starting off with 32 restaurants that have fantastic burgers around town.  May 20 – June 20
  • Round 2 – Here we will feature the top 16 as voted by the people from Round 1.  June 21 – July 20
  • Round 3 - will be the ELITE EIGHT of Austin’s Best Burgers as voted by the people from Round 2.  July 21 – August 11
  • Round 4 – will be the FINAL FOUR!!! You have more time for this vote because we want you to try all FOUR BURGERS!!! Then rank from first to fourth.   August 11 - Labor Day at 3:00pm

The Burger Bracket WINNER will be announced on Labor Day (aka the final day of Burger Season). Burger Bracket 1

Burger Bracket 2