Who's Moving to Texas?

They’re still arriving!  While the numbers have dropped over the past couple of years, people from around the US are still moving to Texas.  And, yes, they’re still coming from California.  In fact, 102,000 people moved from California to Texas in 2022, which is the most recent data from the Census Bureau.  The Golden State to Lone Star State move is the #1 route of all the possible state-to-state relocation paths.  At the same time 42,000 Texans went to California so it was a net of 60,000 to Texas.  In total, 668,000 new Texans arrived in 2022. Minus those moving away, we gained around 175,000 people.  From which other states did they move?  Florida, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana are tops on that list.

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