Who Owns the Fence

Who owns the fence? It’s a common question between neighbors, especially when a repair or replacement is needed. If the fence is built entirely on the property of one house, then that homeowner is the sole owner of the fence. Legally, it’s only their cost to replace or repair it. However, given the vast number of HOAs in Central Texas, it usually isn’t like that. When the subdivisions are built, builders generally put fences right on the property lines. In this case, the fence ownership is shared and both homeowners are responsible for the cost. Usually a friendly conversation is all that’s needed. But what if the fence blows downs during a storm and your neighbor won’t pay to replace it? Unless you want to go to court, it’s probably easier to just pay for the fence and have it put on your side of the property line so you have full ownership. It also gives you the chance to have the nice looking side entirely face your yard.

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