Who Owns Rental Real Estate?

Who owns rental real estate in the United States?  Mostly, it’s just regular people.  If it’s not you, I suspect you know a few people who have investment real estate.  If we look at single-family homes used as rentals, 80% of those investment properties are owned by what are commonly called ‘mom and pop’ investors – meaning just typical people who own between 1 and 9 rentals.  Those who own 10 to 99 rentals are called regional investors and they account for about 14% of the single family rental homes.  The next group of investors own 100 to 999 and they have about 3% of the rental homes.  Finally, another 3% are owned by institutional investors, which are classified as 1,000 or more rental homes.  This group has gotten some attention lately given the perception that they’re making homes unaffordable, but that’s a completely separate video.

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