What's a Gambrel Roof?

Were you raised in a barn? I was not, but some people have lived in a house with barn-like roof. This is a picture of a Gambrel roof, which has two symmetrical sets of slopes on each side of the house. The bottom portion is sloped at a much sharper angle than the top. This is the very type of roof that we associate with barns. There’s another roof with similar characteristics. Here’s a house I sold earlier this year with what’s known as a Mansard Roof. The difference is this has two slopes on every side, again with the bottom sloped at a much sharper angle than the top one. These aren’t very common in the Austin area and I don’t find that they’re much desired, either. The style was popular decades ago and with so many of the homes in Central Texas being less than 30 years old, there just aren’t many around. But if you’re looking for one, I can help you find it.

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