Vintage Austin: ButterKrust Bread

The ButterKrust Bread facility is seen in this 1949 Vintage Austin photo, located at 3rd and Lamar along the railroad tracks, near the Colorado River. You've likely seen ButterKrust bread at HEB, with it's distinct blue and white gingham packaging.

In 1882, newlyweds William & Emma Richter opened a bakery in San Antonio, Richter's Bakery. In 1912, they registered the ButterKrust name, then expanded to Austin in 1923 to the location you see in this photo. By 1958, with the growth of Austin, the company needed a larger space so construction of a new facility began located on Airport Boulevard. Finally, in 1997, FlowerFoods acquired Richter Bakeries and the Austin facility emitted the lovely aroma of fresh baked bread no more.

One native Austinite, Mike Cox, remembers his elementary school field trip to visit the bakery. At the end of the tour, they were given a fresh slice of bread to enjoy. He also says the company supplied schools with pencils, rulers, book covers, and an attention grabbing Miss Gingham to be posted near schools to encourage drivers to slow down.

Photo Credit: Austin History Center, ND-49-A007-01

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