Update On The Airbnb Nightmare

An update on the Airbnb nightmare.  I recently shared the story of a woman in Los Angeles who hasn’t paid rent in 18 months for the Airbnb in which she lives.  The landlord and tenant are suing each other.  Well, I’ve got new information.  So the tenant from hell is Elizabeth Horschhorn.  As it turns out, she has done this before.  In September 2019, she subleased a room in Oakland.  The tenant who subleased to her ended up leaving because of Horschhorn creating a hostile environment.  She squatted there rent-free for over a year before that case was settled.  A month later was when she started the Los Angeles scam.  Previously, she was sued by American Express for almost $20,000 and she also sued a couple in 2019 over a two-year old car accident.  It seems like this lady is just out there playing the system. 


#1 By Melissa Susan Weekley at 10/30/2023 6:29 AM

I am still shocked how she can get away with this. We have honest people paying their bills then you have this person just scamming the whole system. I dont understand how she is not stopped. I am also surprised nobody shot her.

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