Home Interior Design Trends

It’s time for them to go!  The bloggers at Styled, Staged, and Sold recently surveyed designers and consumers to see which of today’s home décor trends should be dumped.  Here’s a list, in no particular order:  All-White Bathrooms.  Yes, color is coming back.  Black Stainless Steel appliances, but it seems this may have more to do with low durability than appearance.  Super shiny surfaces like kitchen cabinets and tiles – the honed and matte finishes are becoming more desired.  Mirrored furniture.  I didn’t even know this trend had come back from the 70s, but apparently the lifespan this time around was rather short.  Also viewed unfavorably are benches for dining tables.  Sure, they may look nice for a farmhouse décor, but people apparently don’t like the functionality of them.  One thing about trends, is that they don’t stay around for long.  I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.

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