Top 10 Tax Delinquents

Here are the top 10 delinquent property tax owners in Travis County for 2023.  Taking spots 1, 2, and 9 are entities affiliated with Nate Paul’s World Class Holdings.  I’ve talked about Nate before – he’s in a lot of financial and legal trouble.  In total, these three owe over $3 million.  Number 3 is OTX Hotel which is at the Oasis Texas area.  To be clear, this is not the Oasis restaurant at Lake Travis – it’s the development next door which has completely separate ownership. The next several are all investment LLCs so I’ll just summarize:  Number 4 is a strip mall at 9515 Lamar.  Numbers 5 and 6 are both apartment complexes on the northeast side.  Number seven is two-acre lot with a duplex on it at 511 Barton Blvd.  Some office warehouses near north Lamar and Koenig are number 8.  Finally, number 10 is a collection of properties owned by OM Digital Solutions America which appears to be a company in the digital photography field.

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