Timeshare Sales Pitch

Do you own a timeshare?  This is an area of real estate that I don’t sell, but most states require that timeshare salespeople have a real estate license.  About 7 years ago, Hilton Grand Vacations invited me and my wife to hear one of their pitches.  We paid a very reduced price to stay at a new resort they’d build in Hilton Head.  During our two-hour session, I told the guy flat out that we weren’t going to buy the timeshare.  He was cool with it and wasn’t high pressure.  I asked him what his conversion rate is – meaning, what percentage of people actually buy the time share.  I was shocked by his answer.  I was thinking the rate was very low, but it turns out that 40% of the people who hear his pitch, buy into the timeshare.  Many people who hear the sales-pitch already know what they are getting into and have an interest in the purchase.  That surprised me because I was just interested in the discounted stay at a fancy new hotel.

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