This One Will Go Fast

HOT TAKE: It's unnecessary to put 'This one will go fast!' in the listing description when they ALL go fast.

I have more than a few pet peeves when it comes to real estate. One of them is when agents use the phrase “This One Will Go Fast” in their MLS comments. First of all, in our current market, everything goes fast so thank very much Captain Obvious. But if we look at a normal market with longer sale times, it’s uncanny how many times you’ll see these comments on homes that have been on the market for a few months. Seriously, if you write that in the comments, at least has the awareness to go delete it after a few weeks. And these are usually the same agents who still have pictures with a Christmas tree on their active listing in April. Then you show the house and the sign is laying on the ground. Truly, it usually is the whole package of nonsense when the agent heroically proclaims, “This One Will Go Fast!”

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