The Brady Flip Flop

The Brady flip, flopped.  Back in 2018, HGTV bought the iconic house that served as the exterior of the home on The Brady Bunch. After renovating the interior to look just like the sets used on the TV show, they finally sold the house last fall.  With a sales price of $3.2 million, HGTV sold it for 9% less than they paid for it and, of course, they had a huge renovation budget. Don’t feel bad for them – I’m sure they made a lot of money with the TV programming they did around the renovation.  The new owner was a fan of the TV show and claims that she probably overpaid for it even though it was much lower than the original $5.5 million asking price.  And she doesn’t even plan to live in it!  She considers the house as artwork and is going to use it to host fundraisers and charity events.  

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