Switching to a Buyers Market?

Are we Switching to a BUYERS Market in 2022 | Austin Housing Market

Everyone says we are in a seller's market, but I think we are in a BUYERS market and this is why...

Greetings. I’m sure you’ve heard that we have a raging seller’s market right now. But I’m going to flip it around to say it’s a raging buyer’s market. Almost everyone who has purchased a home in the Austin area over the past two years has seen equity growth and was thrilled to have bought when they did. Sure, it may have taken a few offers, but they got a great home at what now looks like a great price. Conversely, so many sellers wish they still owned that house they sold and the higher equity that would be with it! Of course, most people have to sell their existing home to buy the next one, so they didn’t have much choice. However, if those sellers could have had held on to their house, many would have wanted to do so. So with buyers ecstatic and seller’s a bit remorseful, I’m here to declare that we’re in a buyer’s market! I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.

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