Swifties and Home Buyers

Did you get Taylor Swift tickets? Dedicated Taylor Swift fans, known as Swifties, recently discovered what it was like for home buyers in 2021 and early 2022. Swifties had their presale codes which were like a preapproval letter. And when tickets went on sale, they descended upon the Ticketmaster website like a swarm of homebuyers when a new listing hit the market. The Swifties were stuck in a queue for hours to access tickets, just like buyers lined up around the block. When they finally got in, they had just a few minutes to grab tickets on the site and try to check out. Homebuyers had just a few minutes in a house and then had to submit offers. Sadly, like many would be homebuyers whose offers were rejected, the Swifties got checkout errors, lost seats, and were randomly booted out of the Ticketmaster website. Like the buyers who missed out on homes in early ‘21, many Swifties will eventually get their tickets, but they’re gonna end up paying a higher premium.

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