Surprise At Closing

When is a bad time to find out your spouse has previously been married?  I doubt there’s a good time, but sometimes are worse than others.  On the day you’re closing on a house, one of the many documents you sign lists the various names by which you are known as you affirm you are indeed the same person.  Your formal name, a nickname, with or without a middle initial, are just some of the common variances. For married women, it usually includes a maiden name.  While I was not personally at this closing, the title agent who was relayed these events to me.  When the name affidavit came up, the husband noticed a version of his wife’s name he didn’t recognize.  She told him that she had previously been married.  It floored him as he simply had no idea.  The couple left the room for a while, then came back and finished signing papers in silence.  I don’t know how the story ends, though, so I guess make up your own conclusion.

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