Student Housing

College kids are paying higher rents.  If you’ve got kids in college, odds are they moved off campus after the first year.  This school year, rents near college campuses are outpacing rents paid elsewhere.  Depending upon the area of the country, off-campus student housing rates are 7 to 13% higher than 2022.  Since land around most colleges is pretty well built out, the cost to stay close to campus, especially in a nice property, continues to increase quickly (much like tuition).  When investing in real estate, how fast rents will increase is certainly one of the factors to consider.  So if you’re thinking about buying an investment property, you may want to consider properties that would likely rent to college students.  Properties near UT are not cheap, so if you’re just getting starting, I can refer you to agents in other parts of the country where they’re more affordable.

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