STRs and HOAs

An STR in an HOA is possible.  When you live in a Texas neighborhood that has a homeowners association, your deed restrictions limit some of the things you can do at your property.  Common restrictions are not parking an RV in your driveway and that the house is only for residential use.  But what about short-term rentals?  This was pretty murky during the earlier days of Airbnb, Vrbo, and the like, but a court case that went to the Texas Supreme Court in 2018 settled it once and for all.  The court ruled that using a property as a short-term rental did not violate HOA rules unless the rules specifically stated no STRs were allowed.  Therefore, HOAs could not cite general clauses, such as no businesses permitted, to prohibit STRs.  Instead, the HOA rules must specifically prohibit short term rentals.  Many HOAs have since done this, often by having rules specifying the minimum number of days a property can be leased. 

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