Beware of squatters.  I got a call recently from someone in a bind.  She was leasing a rental property she owns and someone applied with a great credit score and a new job.  He provided an offer letter from a local company.  First problem – she didn’t verify his employment, but just accepted the letter and, of course, it was fake.  He then told her he’d been living in a hotel for weeks so was eager to get into the property very fast and would she mind if he moved in while the lease was being drawn up.  Yep, second problem – she let him before a lease was signed.  Guess what?  Now he won’t sign a lease and won’t leave the house.  The police can’t help because this is a civil matter.  I told her to start the eviction process asap.  It will probably take a month or so to get him out of the house.  Squatters are not a common problem, but they are a huge problem if it happens.  Be smart out there.

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