Squatters Rights

Squatters are a growing problem.  I’ve talked about squatters before, but here’s another story.  Just the other day in my neighborhood, a moving truck pulled up to a house and a half-dozen people jumped out, ready to unload.  Fortunately, a few neighbors saw it and knew something was wrong.  The would-be squatters claimed they inherited the house and were moving in.  The neighbors called the Sheriff’s office and deputies arrived pretty quick.  Without anything to show they owned the house, law enforcement was able to get rid of them.  But had the neighbors not been alert and these low-life scum had gotten into the house, the deputies could not remove them.  Once they’re inside and in possession of the house, it becomes a civil matter and the owner would have to go to court to evict them.  The problem of squatters is growing and becoming more common.  It’s time for the Texas legislature to update the antiquated laws regarding squatters!

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