Something Unusual In My Office

I have something unusual in my office – a person’s ashes.  I handle a lot of probate sales and about a year ago we were asked by the court to sell a home.  It was still filled with possessions including the ashes of the former homeowner in a box on the mantle next to a memorial card.  I didn’t want the ashes in the house while we were selling it, so I brought them to my office until we could get them to the man’s son.  Although I have texted, called, and even stopped by his last known address, the son does not seem to want the ashes.  I contacted the Texas Funeral Service Commission to ask what they suggest I do with unwanted ashes as I obviously just don’t want to throw them away.  They advised me to take them to a funeral home who will have procedures in place for this situation.  But I haven’t done it yet because I keep hoping the son will have a change of heart.  In the meantime, we often say hi to Byron when we arrive at the office each day.

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