Some Homes You Never Forget

When you look at as many homes I have, you begin to let them all blend togtherin in your memory, but every once in awhile, a home comes along you won't be able to forget!

I’ve been inside a lot of homes over the years.  Many are forgettable.  Then there are some classics, including the two homes I’ve seen with a stripper pole in master bedroom.  Sure, I could be mistaken and the owner could have been in the midst of assembling a carousel horse, but I’m going with stripper pole.  When you decide to sell your house and don’t take down the pole before strangers walk through your bedroom, you instantly make your house memorable to all the buyers who see it, so you’ve got that going for you.  You see, many buyers give nicknames to homes as they talk about them.  A stripper pole makes the house easily identifiable because I can assure you that everyone uses that as a reference point.  For example, “My favorite kitchen was the one in the stripper pole house.”  My advice, if you have stripper pole in your bedroom, while part of me wants to applaud you, the real estate agent in me says to take it down for showings.

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