Do You Care What Kind Of Car I Drive?

Do you care what an agent drives?  Real estate agents think so!  When I started in real estate in 1999, I drove a Saturn.  I quickly found out that agents are “supposed” to drive fancy cars.  Within a year, I bought the cheapest used Mercedes that I could find.  As a newer agent, it projected that I was successful even if I was just on my way to success at the time.  That’s what I was told anyway.  Within a couple of years, I was one of the top agents in my marketplace.  I came to realize that what I drove wasn’t significant and my experience and performance was what really mattered.  I’m not a car guy, so I don’t really care what I drive.  After the Mercedes, I drove a ‘97 Tahoe for years, then an Infiniti sedan.  I liked the Infiniti so now I drive a stripped down Infiniti SUV.  I drive 25,000 to 35,000 miles a year, I buy slighted used cars, and I drive them until they cost too much to repair.

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