Real Estate Agent Awards

Should I appear on the cover of a magazine!  The other day I received an email from Top Agent Magazine telling me I’ve been nominated to be featured in their publication.  Sounds pretty prestigious, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  This magazine is part of an industry that exists for agents to self-publicize achievements that aren’t so meritorious.  While I’m sure I was nominated by a magazine employee, I could also have nominated by…myself.  That’s right, I can nominate myself for it.   If I agree to be in the magazine, they’ll write a basic story about me then ask if I’d like to pay to appear on the cover.  Then I can buy a ton of hard copies of the cover and the article that I can use to impress potential clients.  See, here’s me on the cover of a magazine – that must mean I’m important and impressive.  No thanks.  I’ll just let my experience and track record speak for itself.

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