Proposed Tax Rates 2022

Have you checked the proposed tax rates for 2022? If you have any questions about your property taxes, I'd love to answer them!

Curious about your 2022 property tax bill?  Right now you can access the proposed tax rates from your taxing entities like the county and school district.  Visit Texas.Gov/PropertyTaxes, search your address, and you’ll see the proposed tax. For each taxing entity, you’ll see last year’s tax rate and how much you paid.  Then there is the No New Revenue Tax Rate.  This is the rate and dollar amount you would pay if they maintained the same revenue as last year.  Sorry, but it’s unlikely they won’t increase their collections.  Then there is Voter Approval Rate which is the maximum rate they can charge under Texas law without triggering an election of residents to approve a higher tax rate.  Finally, you’ll see the 2022 proposed tax rate and the amount you’d pay.  Looking at various properties it seems that many taxpayers with a homestead exemption will pay about the same amount in taxes this year versus last year, maybe even a very small reduction.  Commercial properties and those without a homestead exemption, will pay quite a bit more.

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