Powerball Winner

The biggest Powerball winner has been buying real estate.  Edwin Castro, who won the $2.04 billion lottery drawing in November, claimed his prize in February.  Since then, he’s been on a real estate buying spree.  He just purchased a $47 million estate in Bel Air with  7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and an infinity pool overlooking the city.  He previously purchased a $25 million mansion with over 13,500 square feet in Hollywood Hills.  He also bought a $4 million mansion in his hometown of Altadena, California.  Since Castro took the lump sum option, he was awarded $997.6 million.  After federal taxes, he was left with $628.5 million.  Surprisingly, California does not tax Powerball winnings.  Hey, Edwin, if you want to buy a house in Austin, there’s a gorgeous $25 million property overlooking Lake Travis – I can hook you up!

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