Pet Peeve: Outdated Agent Photos

I have a lot of pet peeves about real estate. One of them is real estate agents who use outdated photos. Do they think we’ll never see them in person? I imagine that some of their clients have been quite surprised when meeting them for the first time. “Oh, I thought I’d be meeting with your daughter.” I get that a lot of guys, myself included, don’t keep up on fashion trends, but if your collar is up, get a new photo. I seriously have known agents who used the same photo for 20 years. It just boggles my mind. Do they reach a point where the difference between the photo they use and what a new one would look like is so drastic that they just can’t bring themselves to make the change? Can you imagine if I still used my first photo? That’s a classic right there, my friends. Makes me nostalgic. Maybe I’ll go retro with my next photo by making it a Glamour Shot!

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