Pet Peeve: Listing Descriptions

I have a lot of pet peeves about real estate. One of them is cliché words and phrases used in listing descriptions. One of the words I loathe the most is ‘charming’ because it’s rarely used to describe something that’s positive aspect. Then there’s ‘stylish.’ I think if you have to use the word stylish to describe something, it probably isn’t stylish. Don’t forget about ‘ample’ when describing cabinets that probably don’t provide enough storage. How about ‘lush?’ Yeah, pull out the thesaurus next time you want to describe the landscaping. Of course, what description would be complete without mentioning that the home has ‘plenty of natural light?’ So much better than those windowless homes full of fluorescent lights. And guess what? I pulled all of these cliches from one real-life MLS listing description that consisted of only four sentences. Well, five sentences if we count the last one which was ‘A Must See!’

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