Pet Peeve: Former Model Homes

I have a few pet peeves in real estate! This is one of them...

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to real estate. One of them is agents who market a 25 year old house by touting that it was the builder’s former model home which is “loaded with upgrades.” Hello? It doesn’t matter! No one cares! People don’t walk in and say, “Wow, I love that Corian! It’s so trendy!” Or how about about the 4” white square tiled backsplash in the kitchen featuring the designer row of green diagonal tiles? Hey, if brass fixtures are your thing, then this is the home for you! Of course, maybe I’m being too harsh. Perhaps younger homebuyers will be intrigued and fascinated by the Berber carpet because, well, you know, it wears really well!

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