Parental Influence on Homeownership

They needed a study for this?  Recently, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania revealed some extraordinary, mind-blowing insight into homeownership.  Hold onto your hats because it turns out that kids whose parents owned a home are more likely to become homeowners.  Shocking, right?  Her study found that homeowner parents are more likely to assist their kids with downpayments than parents who don’t own homes.  Wow!  That’s really quite a revelation considering people who own homes have a higher net worth and therefore have a better ability to loan money.  Maybe my favorite reason, though is that homeowner parents pass along firsthand knowledge of how to achieve homeownership. That’s like saying a car-owning parent is more likely to teach their kid how to use the gas pump.  Someone actually funded this study!  Guess what? I’m looking for funding to study why there are useless studies of the obvious – reach out if you’d like to contribute. 

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