Page Me

Page me!  The other day I came across my first real estate business card back from 1999.  Times have certainly changed.  My card included my pager number.  That’s right, mobile phones were not quite mainstream at the time so if you wanted to reach me when I wasn’t in the office, you could page me.  Of course, I’d then have to go find a phone to call you back.  We had a fancy voicemail system at the office that would page me if you called.  And check out my email address – [email protected].  That was a local internet provider back then.  It wasn’t before I’d get my first website – among the first in my marketplace and I’d get a corresponding email address.  And a mobile flip-phone wasn’t far behind, either.  Cutting-edge technology, my friends!  Sure wish I had purchased a few more investment homes back then.

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