Not Ready To Buy? Thats OK

My record is 7 years.  That’s how long it took one of my clients to buy a home from the first time they contacted me.  Now, we weren’t looking at homes every weekend.  In fact, there were times we’d go a year in between seeing homes. They were looking for something very particular and, obviously, weren’t in a rush.  In the end, the home they bought is a personal favorite of mine among all the homes I’ve ever sold.  I share this because sometimes some clients think they’re wasting my time if they aren’t ready to buy a home quickly.  There’s a variety of good reasons why a buyer may take a while to purchase a home and I’m pretty good at figuring out the difference between wasting time and taking your time.  So it’s okay not to be a buyer in the next 30 days – I’m not going anywhere so I’ll be ready when you are.

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