NAR Misinformation

Don’t believe everything you hear.  If you’ve seen anything in the news about the National Association of Realtors settling a lawsuit, you probably heard a few things that aren’t true.  Any article you read or video you watch that tells you how things are going to shake out from this are definitely speculating.  There are so many facets to it, that no one can accurately say how the residential real estate business is going to change.  I can layout several paths that this could take, but they all differ based on various potential courses of action.  Some paths lead us down to huge changes while others don’t involve big disruption.  There will be expected consequences, but also a lot of unintended consequences.  If you’re thinking of buying or selling in the coming months, you need someone with experience who has been through market changes before and come out better on the other side.  If it gets stormy, you’ll want someone like me guiding you through it. 

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