Most Valuable Properties

Who owns the most valuable properties in Travis County?  Courtesy of the Travis County Tax Office, I’ve got the list of the top properties owners measured by the appraised value of their total property holdings.  #7 is Apple with property valued at $458 millioin.  #6 is Icon, which leases out industrial space, with property worth $465 million.  Oracle is #5 at $491 million.  #4 is the University of Texas at $512 million.  St. David’s Health Care is #3 at $617 million.  #2 is Tesla at almost $1 billion $50 million.  And topping the list at #1 is Samsung at just shy of $1.5 billion worth of property.  And keep in mind that since this is just Travis County, it doesn’t include the new factory they’re building near Taylor.

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