Mortgage Rates...Again

Let’s talk mortgage rates…again. Obviously, the big real estate story since the spring of ’22 has been mortgage rates, which are currently a little over 7%. The Federal Reserve recently announced that while they weren’t raising the Fed Funds rate right now, it's likely going to go a little higher in the future. Since the Fed Funds rate influences mortgage rates, this is important. Because rates are also impacted by what bond traders think the Fed will do in the future, this has caused a slight uptick in mortgage rates right now. While I’m not big on predicting, I don’t expect we’ll see much of a decline in rates until the Fed announces that they are finished with rate hikes or they set a time frame at which they will be done with rate hikes. So while they always fluctuate a little bit from day to day, I’m talking about is when rates will go down for the longer term.

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