Median Agent Age

I’m young for my industry.  The National Association of Realtors released it’s annual Member Profile last month which gives us stats from last year.  The median age of agents in this trade group is 60 years old.  The median. For the math challenged, that means half the agents are 60 years old or older.  When I got into the business in 1999, the median age was 52, so it’s an aging industry.  Only 7% of agents are 39 or younger.  That just blows my mind.  I think in the Austin area we skew younger than the national average, but I don’t have those stats to confirm it.  A few other interesting tidbits – 62% are women which is a pretty consistent number from year to year.  And 61% of agents sold 15 or fewer homes last year.  That’s a lot of people not selling many homes.

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