Just Three Homes

Only three homes.  During the first 10 months of 2022, a whopping 72% of the agents in the Austin MLS have sold 3 or fewer homes.  That’s right.  72% of the agents have sold 3, 2, 1, or even zero homes in 10 months.  I’m many times that number, but it always amazes me that consumers are willing to risk such a big transaction on inexperienced agents.  Would you hire an accountant that does a handful of tax returns?  Go to a doctor who only sees one patient a day?  Use a mechanic whose parking lot is deserted?  Would you dine at a restaurant that is empty during the lunch rush?  While everyone has to start somewhere, this is way more than just first year agents.  And I suppose there could be phenomenal agents who just sell a couple homes a year, but I don’t know any.  In short, experience matters and so does the ability to sell more than one house every three months.

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