Just 3 Homes?

Just 3 homes.  Be careful who you choose as your real estate agent!  In 2023, a whopping 75% of agents in the Austin MLS sold 3 or fewer homes.  That’s right, 3 or fewer – so many of them were just 2 or 1 or none.  For context, as I record this in late January, I’ve already closed 6 this year.  Do consumers ask agents how many homes they sell?  I’m rarely asked that question, so I’m going to say no.  But you should ask!  I don’t understand how selling just one home every four months can keep you sharp.  Are those agents really out there working every day and doing the things their clients need them to do?  I don’t even know how they’re economically viable in the business.  I’d love the opportunity to work with you when you’re ready to buy or sell, but if not me, at least find an agent who has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate what, for most people, is their biggest purchase. 

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