It's Under Contract

Can You Still See It?  When a seller signs a contract, the agent must reflect that status in the MLS.  I’m often asked by both buyers and sellers if the house can still be shown to potential buyers.  The answer is yes, but it’s rarely done as many buyers simply don’t want to look at homes they likely will never have a chance to buy.  While I didn’t calculate the precise number, I’d say over 90% of contracts end up closing which means a buyer has a very small chance of ultimately buying a house that is already under contract.  In a time when inventory is high, most buyers can easily find another home. But when inventory is low, it may be wise to look at some under contract homes and perhaps even submit a backup offer.  Of course, there are other factors involved, such as how quickly a buyer needs to move into a home.  As always, I’m happy to chat one-on-one about your specific situation. 

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