Interior Design Trends

I’m not trendy.  In the world of interior design, I’m rather clueless.  So I read what others say to keep up to date.  Starting with colors, yellow, brown, and red are the go tos right now.  Someone needs to tell the paint guys, who declared 2024 the year of blue.  Stripes are coming back – whether it be a whole room or just as an accent.  Bold, big stripes, not little ones.  Apparently, glass blocks are returning – you may remember their last appearance during the 80s and 90s in a lot of bathrooms.  Now they’re being used as material for floors and tiles.  Because everything is cyclical, dark wood-paneled walls are also returning.  One-of-a-kind pieces are becoming popular – or should I say bespoke pieces?  So what’s out of style?  All white kitchens and ruffles (which I didn’t even realize had made a comeback). 

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