I'm Excited About This

Continuing with what’s in the Texas property tax reform bills, is something I’m more excited about than I probably should be - the addition of elected positions to County Appraisal Boards.  Currently, the nine members of the county appraisal board are appointed by the major taxing entities of each county.  That’s like the foxes running the hen house.  Three of the board positions are now going to be elected by the general public.  Yes, I understand that we’re in a situation where the taxing entities will still have control of the boards because they appoint six members, but I hope that the taxpayers will finally have a decent seat at the table, be able to voice opinions, and learn more about what goes on behind closed doors.  Of course, these taxing entities are not going to go quietly so expect them to put up their chosen candidates and heavily fund them with lots of campaign money.

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