I Regret Buying Real Estate

I don't often hear people say they regret buying real estate. On the contrary, I hear far more often, "I wish I'd bought real estate." If you'd like to read when the best time to buy is, the script can be found below the video.

People often regret not buying real estate at some point in the past.  They lament they didn’t buy a few homes when prices were lower.  The reality is that because real estate is a great long-term investment, there are very few periods of time that, in hindsight, was not a great time to buy a house (of course, there are some like 2006 to 2010).  Sure, I wish I’d a bought a few rental homes in 2002 or 2012.  But what seems like a cheap price now doesn’t mean I had those funds available then.  Like planting a tree, the best time to buy real estate was in the past, but the second best time is now.  I’m not saying that every buying opportunity is a good one.  I’m not saying that I don’t expect prices to fall in the coming months.  What I am saying is that if you use real estate as a long-term investment, you don’t need to precisely time your purchase to make money.  Now might be a great time for some people to buy a property, but it might be a bad time for others.  If you’re interested in buying a primary residence or an investment property, contact me today and let’s discuss your situation to see if now is a good time.

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