Homes for less than $100,000?

Did you know you can still buy a home in Travis County for $100,000 or less? Each comes with it's own warning though! To read about these properties, you can find that information below the video.

Did you know you can still buy a home in Travis County for $100,000 or less?  In fact, four homes at that price point have sold so far in 2022.  All four were in the Lago Vista and Jonestown area, but, you can’t live in any of them.  Let me read some quotes from the MLS entries about each of these homes:  “There was a fire.  Property can be rebuilt or removed.”  Or this one: “Enter at YOUR OWN RISK!  Home is not livable in it’s current condition.”  Let me paragraph the next one:  The city of Lago Vista tagged the mobile home as an unsafe building because of a biohazard danger in 2019.    This year, the city changed the designation to uninhabitable and must be torn down or removed.  That’s always fun – I’m gonna guess it was a meth house.  Finally, I think this one is my favorite:  “Current mobile home, which is not inhabitable is leased till end of February.”  Hello?  If it’s not inhabitable, why is there a tenant living there?  Anyway, while you can still get a home for $100,000 or less, you can’t live in it.

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