Gushing Water

Water was flowing out of the garage.  I was hired to sell a home that was vacant.  There was a small leak in a pipe at the water heater so the seller arranged for a plumber to fix it.  I let the plumber in and he finished pretty quickly.  About 15 minutes after I left the house, a neighbor called me to say that water was gushing out of the garage.  I raced back and sure enough, water was flowing down the driveway.  I opened the garage door to find half the ceiling on the floor and water just pouring out of the attic, which is where the water heater was located.  I shut off the main water supply and assessed the damage.  Long story short, the plumber replaced a pipe but failed to leave enough time to let the glue dry before turning the water back on.  There was also damage to a bedroom.  The plumber’s insurance company stepped up and a few weeks later, the damage was fully repaired.  We then sold it for full price.

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