Is A Final Walk-Through Necessary?

What is the Final Walk Through Before Closing on a home?  For starters, it can (and has) saved my clients from surprises after closing. Watch the entire video to find out more!  If you prefer reading the transcript, it can be found below the video.

Greetings.  One of the last things a buyer does before going to closing is to do a final walk through at the home.  The purpose is to make sure everything is as expected as you don’t want any surprises after closing when it is often too late to correct.  We want to make sure the seller has removed everything they were supposed to remove and left anything they were supposed to leave.  We also want to make sure the condition didn’t change or the seller wasn’t hiding a big stain under a sofa or something like that.  While most of the time everything is fine, we do occasionally have an issue to handle.  I’ve arrived to see all kinds of trash at the curb – well, the trash company won’t take it all so we need to make sure the seller pays to haul it away.  Once in August years ago, the temperature got hotter and hotter as I climbed the stairs.  In the day or two since the seller moved out, the upstairs AC unit broke.  The seller ended up having to install a whole new unit.  Without the walk through, the buyer would have discovered if after they owned the home and it would have been their problem.  I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.

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