Erotic Art

The erotic art of the deal.  I once had a client who painted and sculpted.  He wanted to buy the house a few doors down from the one he was renting.  Since it was a HUD home, electronic signatures were not allowed so he had to sign the contract in ink.  I suggested we go to his house to take care of the documents.  As we approached the front door, he turned to tell me that his art was erotic and some of it was on display.  I said it was fine, but I wasn’t prepared to find every inch of the walls covered in paintings and every surface covered with sculptures.  His specialty seemed to be making some particular body parts larger than one might typically expect.  And it wasn’t abstract – everything was very real.  Truly, he was quite skilled at his craft.  Before I left, I also learned that he almost always used live models.  There are some things that cannot be unseen. 

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