Drivers License vs Real Estate License

My son, who just got his license, is better prepared than most real estate agents.  You see, he passed his driver’s test today.  He’s more prepared to be a driver, than someone is to practice real estate when they get their real estate license.  Prior to age 15, he took a class to learn about driving and prepare for a written exam.  When he passed that, Texas gave him a permit.  But he couldn’t drive by himself.  He had to drive with me for about a year learning to drive.  Then he had to demonstrate to the state that he knew how to drive so he could get his license to drive alone.  Yet a real estate agent, once they pass a written exam, has no probationary period.  They’re free to practice real estate with minimal supervision.  Yes, there are some brokers who have good training, but even those are not as closely supervised as the public might expect. Why don’t we take the same approach with new real estate agents as we do with new drivers?  I was a new agent once.  I was a new driver once.  I prefer the experienced version of me in both situations.

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