Discover Steiner Ranch: You're From Steiner If (Part 2)

Steiner Ranch definitely has its share of inside jokes and things that you'll only know if you live here.  Join me as I take another look at some of these.  You Know You're From Steiner Ranch If...

Did you miss the first installment of this video?  You can watch it here!

Greetings, I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.  Steiner Ranch is a wonderful place to live, but we’ve got our first world problems just like everyone else.  So for this episode of Discover Steiner Ranch, we’ll take another run through one of my favorites:  You know you’re from Steiner Ranch if…

  • You see a car driving too fast down Quinlan, then check Facebook to see if anyone has posted a picture of it.
  • You hear vague stories about three stones sitting on a porch, but don’t really have a clear picture of what it means.
  • You’ve thought of a dozen different scenarios for how the school drop off lines could work better.
  • You’ve had a car wash ruined by the sprinklers along Quinlan Park.
  • You appreciate the fact that our water storage is in low tanks instead of a big water tower.
  • You see a new resident is missing their small dog and wonder who’s going to tell them about the coyotes.
  • You wonder if they’ll ever figure out how to correctly time the light at Quinlan and Country Trails.
  • You wonder why we have so many empty flower beds.
  • You’re happy when they repave Quinlan, but wonder why they can’t figure out which part of the road actually needs to be resurfaced.
  • Even after a rash of car ‘break-in’s’ you still leave your car unlocked in the driveway.
  • You’re pretty sure you’ll always call it Wag-a-Bag.
  • You only buy mulch from the Vandegrift band.
  • You canceled plans just because you didn’t feel like dealing with 620.
  • You know that just a few inches too many can cause a lot of flat tires.

Sure it’s fun to joke about Steiner Ranch, but it really is a great place to call home!  I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty and when you’re ready to buy or sell real estate in Steiner Ranch, I’m ready to help.

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