Discover Steiner Ranch: Wild Basin Fitness

Wild Basin has been in Steiner Ranch since 2006, helping residents acheive and maintain fitness goals along the way.

You can find class schedules and membership rates on their website.

Located near the front of Steiner, Wild Basin Fitness has been a fixture in the neighborhood since 2006.  It’s a smaller, family-owned fitness center where you’ll see your friends and neighbors working out alongside you.  But what really defines Wild Basin is the community of people who are here. 

Wild Basin offers all the services you’d expect from a fitness center.  There are a variety of free weights and plenty of stations to use them.  They’ve got stationary bikes, stair climbers, ellipticals, rowing machines, and more.  Many of the classes take place in this room.  They’ve got the popular ones like spin, yoga, and kickboxing, but there are others, too.  Classes are also offered on a streaming platform is you aren’t able to make it to the gym.

Personal training is a big part of Wild Basin Fitness.  They offer both individual and group training sessions.  Sport specific training is also available.

They also offer a variety of other services on-site including nutrition counseling, chiropractic care, sports rehab, and massage therapy.

My wife has been a member since 2010.  She’s met a wonderful group of friends over the years and enjoys taking classes alongside them.

The outdoor portion of the gym offers a great option to work out in the fresh air.  It’s used for classes, student athlete training, summer camps, and personal training.

Whether you’re an experienced fitness buff or just getting started, check out Wild Basin Fitness.  I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.  Thanks for joining me for this episode of Discover Steiner Ranch.  And remember, when you’re ready to buy or sell a home in Steiner, I’m ready to help.

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