Discover Steiner Ranch: 620 and 2222 Bypass

The 620 / 2222 Bypass has been in the works for years and is almost ready to open. Wondering how the traffic will flow? Here's the answer!  If you'd prefer to read how the bypass is expected to flow, you can find the script below the video.

Let’s start on 620 northbound.  The shoulder will be restriped to become a third lane from Steiner Ranch Blvd to the bypass.  The new right lane is a dedicated right turn lane that becomes the right lane of the bypass.  There is no stopping for this right turn.  The left and middle lanes of 620 will only go straight and there is a new traffic signal at this corner.  On southbound 620, there is one left turn lane to the new bypass.  So at the 620 end of the bypass, two lanes enter then eventually merge into one lane by the time the bypass reaches 2222.  Only right hand turns are permitted at 2222.  While there is a light at this intersection, the right turn has a dedicated and constant green light so there is no stopping as this becomes a new, third lane for eastbound 2222 heading to River Place and Vandegrift.  Of course, the light at River Place Blvd will stop traffic.  However, there are now three lanes instead of two so more cars can go through.  By the time the road gets to McNeil, it is four lanes with the left two lanes for turning only.  Essentially, if you’re driving to Vandy, you’ll need to get from the right lane on 2222 to the left lanes sometime between the bypass and McNeil.  In theory, a car turning from Steiner Ranch Blvd onto 620 can go to the bypass then 2222 without stopping.  Of course, the amount of cars at the RP intersection during the typical morning commute will be key to see how this really plays out. 

So let’s take a look at the bypass heading the other direction.  From northbound 2222, you can make a left turn onto the bypass.  In fact, there are two left turn lanes for this purpose.  In addition, eastbound 2222 has one right turn lane onto the bypass.  The westbound bypass has two lanes, then becoming three shortly before 620.  With the new light at this intersection there are two left turn lanes onto 620 southbound and one right turn lane onto 620 northbound.

It won’t be long until all the road construction is done and the bypass is open.  Let’s hope it works as well as they expect.  I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.

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